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Are you looking for the best link shortener? Well, I’ve got you covered because this post reveals my secret tool to shorten my affiliate links seamlessly so nicely and easily

And you can do the same as well. Link shortening, also called URL shortening, refers to shortening your links for several benefits which you will see in this post



What is a Link Shortener

A link shortener is a software or service that shortens the links. But what makes a premium link shortener? It takes a long URL and lets you shorten it into whatever URL you want it to be. Also, it means you can change the links and make them entirely customized

Now let’s explore some of the benefits of using a URL shortener for your website or online business. 

Why Use a URL Shortener?

What are the benefits of using a link shortener? In this section, I’ll help you understand the importance of shortening your affiliate links. 

Track Valuable Insights and pieces of information

An important benefit of using a URL shortener is being able to track what happens when you share a link. A link shortener helps you view the breakdown of visitors including their country of origin or gender. Also, you can analyze which of your social channels or posts are bringing in the most traffic, it will help you get how many clicks you get

Make Your Links Look Clean & Professional



People skip over long links or URLs because they look clunky & boring, and they bounce even before clicking the link. Short links have the ability to increase the probability of the target post getting clicks. 

And it has become a common practice in the world of digital marketing. Your audience is likely accustomed to seeing content shared with shortened links. In fact, this practice is so common that they may notice if you don’t compress your links. 

Boost Your Brand Awareness

Offering custom short links makes your brand more visible. And prospective clients and existing ones can share and recognize the link with your brand name immediately. That’s why Amazon link shortener has come into existence. 


Amzn. to is the branded link shortener created by Amazon which is an easy abbreviation of the brand name itself. Yes, one of the most popular sites, Amazon, also shortens its URLs to promote brand recognition.

Drive Engagement to Your Content

Short links are more engaging, especially if they're associated with your brand. Rebrandly reports that shorter URLs increase engagement by 39%.

The benefit of a URL shortener is that it's easy to cross-promote your products, services, and blog posts. And you can do it without changing the links you share.

Shortening your links helps to drive traffic back to your website with features like:

  • Badges 

  • Channels.

  • Cross-promotion

  • Analysis of click timings 

  • Splash pages and more

A link shortener helps you drive maximum engagement and potential traffic to your blog or landing page. And you never have to worry about changing your links across all the platforms. Now, I’ll share the best link shortener to avoid the hefty monthly costs you usually pay for such services.

Remember everything that has benefit and important resource, someone has put effort and need his service paid back, no wonder most of them are very expensive and requires very expensive investment, but don’t worry am here to guide you best summery


Best Link Shortener to Save Your Bucks

There are many link shortening services online. The free link shorteners offer minimum functionality and don’t help you so much. always  Opt for the paid URL shorteners to get all the benefits and services mentioned above. Here are a few URL shortening tools available online:

Description: bitly pricing and other URL shorteners with their prices

1. Bitly (Min. $29/month for up to 1500 links)

2. TinyURL (Min. $10/month for up to 500 links)

3. Rebrandly (Min. $29/month for up to 5000 links)

4. Sniply (Min. $29/month for up to 5000 clicks)

5. Owly (Needs a Hootsuite plan which starts from $19/month)

Now let me reveal my choice for the best link shortener.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

URL-SHORThttp://url-shorten.comEN.COM  – is  Premium Link Shortener  (5 $/Month for Unlimited Links and with wonderful features like:


  • Premium Features

  • Unlimited URLs allowed

  • Unlimited Clicks per month

  • Geotargeting

  • Device Targeting

  • Unlimited Custom Splash Pages

  • Unlimited Custom Overlay Pages

  • Unlimited Event Tracking

  • Unlimited Team Member

  • Unlimited Custom Domains

  • Bundles & Link Rotator

  • Custom Aliases

  • Export Data

  • Developer API

  • URL Customization

  • No Advertisemen



With, you can use your long URLs to shorten them into shorter, smarter versions that you can track clicks on and market more effectively. It has tons of awesome features including device targeting, splash pages and link rotation.


This link shortener will help you enjoy the benefits of shortening your links at affordable pricing. Thanks to its advanced features.

URL-shortener is an extremely powerful shortening tool. And you can do a lot of things here. Let me walk you through the dashboard.

1. Go to  and sign up for free

see all features and orient yourself with it for 3 days, after you are happy with it, pay it for the price,


2. Confirm your email address now


After that go to your email and activate the link

3. Explore the  dashboard offering you tons of features inside it. You can make use of splash and overlay pages.


Track your links using pixels. Connect your domain for custom links. And manage your links in ‘Archived’ and ‘Expired’ links. 

Description: shorten your affiliate link

4. Enter your long affiliate URL just before the ‘Shorten’ button. And do the shortening in seconds. 



Branded Links

5. You can also enjoy sharing branded links, instead of just the shortened ones. For example, you choose /” to be your branded domain. And after a slash, and enter your affiliate’s name for increasing brand awareness. 


All you need is to click on ‘Custom Domain’ on the left bar of the  dashboard. And then add your domain here.

Description: add custom domain in link me

For that, go to your domain registrar and paste your IP address (given in the dashboard) into the DNS records. 

copy your IP address if you have it

Go back to your  dashboard, enter the custom domain name and click on ‘Add Domain’. That’s just it! You’ve added your custom domain name to create branded links. 

6. Create One Universal Affiliate Link

There’s another feature called ‘Link Bundle’. It’s just like Linktree which offers only one link for sharing all your links. Linktree charges you $6 per month, while offers this and tons of other features for almost $10 per month. and an almost 50% discount for yearly pricing. billed for only 5.42$

Here’s how you create a link bundle. Choose ‘Bundle’ from the dashboard. And click on ‘Create Bundle’ now.

Go back to your main dashboard and add links to the bundle you just created. And then you can use the bundle link to share all your links. 

7. Create Splash Pages

Create your splash pages within the   dashboard. Splash pages are pages that appear before any page on your website.  also offers tracking pixels, which means you can retarget your audience on other platforms. Watch the video to better understand how ad retargeting works on Facebook

I believe is the most premium link shortener because of so many useful features. You can't believe when you see it how useful is to have that. Try comparing all the best options for shortening your links. 

Conclusion: Best Link Shortener in 2021

Link shortening can be an effective technique to track valuable insights from links and make them clean. Also, it helps you boost your brand awareness and engagement. And you never have to change all the links shared across the web and social media. 

Because all you need is the best link shortener to help you enjoy all these benefits. I recommend  because it helps me to enjoy all the premium features at reasonable pricing.

Enjoy Your AFFILIATE  Marketing With This Wonderful Price Before It Hikes  Again, I Know Next Month It won't Be There






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